2 January

Three things happened today.

One; I binge-watched Episode I-III of the Star Wars films.

Two; I opened and began to use my Happiness Planner.

Three; I continued my transformation from girl to actual chocolate bar.

At the risk of sounding ignorant, this time last year I wouldn’t even have entertained the idea of watching any of the Star Wars collection.  At roughly two hours per episode, did I really want to spend that long watching a film about what, a war, in the stars?!!  Even BBC Three used to get a miss whenever the Family Guy: Star Wars episode was shown.

Nevertheless, today I felt inspired, and with the company of my ever-so-selfless boyfriend Glen, we went from being asleep to watching a child Anakin Skywalker win his freedom in a pod race in less than an hour.

And yes, I am now up-to-date with the modern instalments of the franchise.  Seriously ask me anything.

I must admit, I really enjoyed watching them.  The storylines, the suspense and impressive graphics were much more than I had anticipated and those six hours (and the whole accompanying Cadbury’s selection box) just disappeared.  Maybe sci-fi is my thing.

So after deciding that perhaps watching another batch of films isn’t the most productive way to spend a rare day off, Glen was off to the library to begin his transition back into dedicated student, and I thought I would exercise my brain in another way by opening my Happiness Planner.

I really should have started writing in this planner yesterday at the latest, since it is meant to be a daily thing but too many distractions chucked that idea out the window.

I got the planner a few days ago simply because I read a review in the beginning months of last year about it and for some reason the planner never left my head.   It’s a good idea really; setting daily, monthly and weekly goals to assess yourself and really figure out what you want, what will make you happy and how to get there.

And it is stunning to look at.

It’s available in a small range of colours (mine is Serenity and Rose Quartz) which are all beautiful and definitely encourage actually using the planner. Fingers crossed anyway!  After answering the 16 questions at the beginning, I discovered that this year I really just want to be more positive about myself and others.  Maybe I’ll not moan and roll my eyes at e v e r y t h i n g  (emphasis on the maybe).

Inside the first small section of the planner, there is a quote that really caught my attention:

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change” – Jim Rohn

And these are words that I’ll definitely try and remember over the next few days as I try to accept the depressing fact that the holidays are over and that chocolate is no longer an acceptable breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal.


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