4 January

On the 1st of January, people all over the world vow to become healthier and start the detoxification process.

Missed the 1st? That’s okay, Hogmanay was a rough one, start on the 2nd.

Missed the 2nd? That’s ohhhkay, I’ve heard that Mondays are a bad day to start a diet anyway, go for the 3rd.

It’s the 4th of January and I’m still bloated.

The 4th of January really doesn’t sound that bad, but then I remember that Christmas was almost two weeks ago now and all things sweet and sugary are still a staple.

Don’t get me wrong, I did manage to keep up working out somewhat over the festive period, and I had managed to stick to healthy breakfasts, but this morning I decided to jump 100% back into healthy-strong-fit-girl mode (send help).

My intentions were good, but I didn’t set an alarm last night and by the time I was up, actually awake and ready to go for my first run since last Thursday, it was almost 11.  Nevertheless, I went out and was making great time for the first 4km.  This is great, I thought.  Maybe having a week off is what my body needs.  Maybe I should do that every week.  I even got to wear my new FitBit so I could see for the first time what my heart rate actually does when I’m out.


Then about 4km from the end, my knee went.  It felt like it had snapped. And let me tell you, I am not one to get any sort of exercise pains/soreness so I’m pretty sure that this was my body struggling under all the extra weight I’ve gained in the past few weeks.

I had to walk the last bit home, and the late start meant that by the time I was fully ready for the day it was half one.  On the positive side, I have managed to keep on track by eating clean today and have decided how I’m going to tackle fitness in the next few weeks.

So here are my top tips for ‘getting back into it’:

  • Don’t force everything at once: if over the next few days, you slip up on meals, or can only bring yourself to work out for half an hour, don’t let it get you down, you’ll get there!!
  • Buy healthy foods that you like: we’ve all been tempted to try a new gluten-free-carb-free-juicing-200-calories-a-day diet to get quick abs, but it will not hold up as well as eating you’re favourite quick and healthy go-tos (even if this means eating the same three meals every day for the next week)
  • Bin all the leftover holiday food: or at least freeze it, or put the choccos as out of the way as possible so it becomes more effort that it’s worth to go and get them.
  • Take progress pictures: I hear this all the time but never do it, but today I thought that it could really be a good way of motivation (see below) or at least an excuse for regular selfies in gym gear.



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