5 January

Today’s lovely view.


It feels like I never even left.  Last semester was manic with deadlines – the last of which was less than three weeks ago (break please?!). And now here I am again, beginning the next chunk of work, as I start my dissertation expanded proposal.

If you don’t know what that is, pull up a seat pal because we are in the same boat.  I’m not completely sure what I’m supposed to be doing for my dissertation plan – or my dissertation in general to be honest with you – but I like to think that these kind of feelings are completely normal.  Whether it is actually the case or not, throughout uni, the impending dissertation (of dooooom) is considered as something to be dreaded.

I see it every year on Facebook; the relief of final year students as they smugly hand in their dissertations with the obligatory outside-the-uni photo and confirm that the rumours are in fact true – it really is the worst thing ever.

Despite this, I’m trying to stay optimistic.  I am actually excited about the topic that I’m hoping to do.  Since it’s a journalism dissertation, it will mostly be a long feature story, so I will be able to develop my research and writing skills loads.

Still, the absolute panic of doing this today has got me thinking a lot about what is going to happen when I graduate.  I was enjoying uni and the time that it was giving me to prepare for the real world (whatever that is?!) but fourth year has been a tough one, and I’m becoming more eager with every trek to the library to actually get OUT and start building the career that I actually want (FYI: ‘student’ is not goals).

Buuuut I’m back in class in just over a week, so I’m just going to try and enjoy the last 10 weeks of class that I’ll ever (wow) have.



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