6 January

I was distinctly underwhelmed the first time that I watched Yes Man back in 2008.

I think my 13-year-old self expected more rom-com and less 45-year-old Jim Carrey discovering a new lease of life.  In the film, his character is challenged to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity he is given, and surprise surprise it works amazingly for improving his life.  Boring, right?

Well now, nine years later, I can completely relate.  Who’d have thought? In a time when everything is so up in the air anyway, why not start saying ‘yes’ and becoming a more proactive person? Carpe Diem and all that.

Saying ‘yes’ and taking more opportunities is definitely on this years’ to-do list. I mean, I’ve already started this blog and kept it up for a whole six days (currently waiting on my medal) and now it’s time for the next part – reaching out to people more often (ie seeing a lot more of my friends).

Does anyone else have this problem? It’s definitely not that I don’t want to see my friends, and I’m also so happy when I do see them.  And it’s not like the plans they suggest don’t sound good or I’m doing anything at all more interesting – unless watching The Apprentice counts?!  Most of the time, I’ve simply felt that I’ve had too much on anyway or I feel like being extremely lazy.  Usually both.


The thought of actually committing to something that might follow an exhausting shift at work, or clash with -2° weather is too much of a risk.  BUT in a bid for that to no longer be me, I’ve decided to get in touch more often, so all my pals can look forward to that – you lucky, lucky people!

I text a few friends earlier to see what everyone is up to, and got a few offers in response.  Just like that, I’ll be spending tonight having a gossip and watching some films with a friend instead of continuing the Star Wars series (BTW I’m now on Episode V and my love is stronger than ever) and being asleep by 10.

It is a Friday after all.


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