7 January

I’m writing this in the car park outside my work, waiting for my brother to finish his shift.  Yep, since transferring to a store closer to home over Christmas, I’ve been sharing shifts with my older brother.  The way that it’s worked out just now, I’ve finished 45-minutes before, and have time to quickly bash this out on my phone.


The plan was to go for a run today before work, but I realised that my trainers have been left in Glasgow (dun dun dunnnnn) which gave me the chance to be more creative with my exercise and try out Blogilates new full-length workout (secretly glad I couldn’t go a run).

I feel like Blogilates is an important part of my healthy lifestyle, although I only really committed to the videos  for about four months.  I have followed creator Cassey Ho’s social media for years, and this time last year, I started using her programme.  Cassey has YouTube videos to work every part of the body, and even better, she advises what videos to do every single day in a free monthly workout calendar.  Absolutely brilliant for those of us who tend to make excuses to not exercise (me).

Beginning last January, I lived by her calendar six days a week.  Each day was dedicated to a different body part and I loved getting up and doing my hour before tackling whatever I had on that day.  My use of Blogilates started to calm down and get replaced when I took up running last Spring.  As well as joining Muay Thai – and an intensive work and uni schedule – my commitment eventually went from six days to one day a week (soz).

But today was the day!!  I’d recently got an email about her free 30-minute “DVD” posted on YouTube and searched her page to find Lean & Sculpted Body | HOT BODY EXPRESS DVD.


Overall, the workout was really good.

My determination to do the whole video tricked me into working my least favourite muscle – THE ABS!!  Even in my Blogi-loyal days, I would always find a way to avoid the ab videos – or maybe I really was just ‘in a rush’ and ‘didn’t have enough space’ on those days, who knows.

Lean and Sculpted Body begins with a warm-up of a few moves, all involving variations of the ultimate oldie-but-goodie – the plank.  This of course set off warning sirens (don’t work the belly, Sarra!) but I ignored them carried on.  Before I knew it, I was 10-minutes in of doing belly-flattening exercises and Cassey was moving us onto working the butt and legs (yayy!).


These are usually my favourite type of toning exercises because I feeeeeel the burn and actually notice myself getting stronger.  Today was not so easy.  Ohhh, did I struggle as I held my bridges, almost giving up at least 50 million times (no exaggeration).  Butt (get it?!) I got through it; I like to believe Cassey was looking over me , pushing me through (thanks Cass!).

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Cassey finished with arms, which my bingo wi- oops, biceps were very happy with.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I left feeling energised and happy.  I’ve never really broken into a sweat with Blogilates the way I would after a run or HIIT sesh, but Cassey’s optimism really make the workouts feel more like a catch up with your best friend and biggest supporter.  And you do tone.  I would definitely recommend her if calm, but challenging, feel-good exercising is what you’re after.

If you’re feeling motivated, have a try HERE and let me know how you get on!




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