8 January

One week ago, I lay on my bed after one too many mouthfuls of steak pie and tried to come up with my opening post for this blog.  I must’ve deliberated from almost two hours while my boyfriend twiddled him thumbs (sorry Glen!), before finally posting an introductory 200 words.

The six or seven following posts have definitely been easier to write, since the content has basically just went brain to post with very little filtering.  So massive thank you to anyone who has bared with that.

This evening I also moved all my stuff back through to Glasgow, ready for going back to my work and starting the final semester ever (what); although I’m still pretty certain I’m going to wake up soon and discover there’s still a few weeks until I need to face the real world again.   This will most likely also be the last few months in my current flat, so here’s a wee reminiscent pic of my room in case I forget to ever take one again, goodbye in advance, room!


Since this has been my first week blogging, I’ve had a think about how it’s actually helped me.  Here is what I’ve learned this week:

  • To be patient: I don’t know what I expected, but last week scared me a little bit.  I had brought in the year that I’ve known since 2013 would be the big, deciding year where I finish uni and move on to something else.  Since I might not start a job related to my degree for up to another nine months (if I can even get one), it’s been difficult not being able to apply for the relevant jobs I’ve been seeing that start before I graduate. Having said that…


  • Do everything you can to achieve your goals: January is a slow month for everyone, and I feel like I’ve been in a sort of limbo this year.  Going to the library when the semester hasn’t officially start.  Working unusual shift times and gradually getting back into a more intense exercise routine.  Still, keeping up this blog and knowing that I’m doing something that I enjoy and that is related to my future career goals has been more reassuring than I expected.  Who knew I could actually like deadlines?!


  • To time manage: My expanded proposal isn’t due for another three days, but I’ll probably get it finished tomorrow. A year ago I might have been a bit more last minute, but heading to the library for a few hours on a couple of days this week have really made the process a lot less stressful than it could have been if left later.  Something I’ll definitely take on board in the next few months, somebody get me a planner!


I have high hopes for this week, I’m definitely ready to start building a proper routine again.  I don’t know where this positivity has came from in me, here’s hoping it keeps up!  How is everyone getting on with your New Year’s goals?


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