9 January

Here is a nice picture-less post that pretty much mirrors how interesting my day has been. You have been warned.

It’s still one week until the semester officially begins and I’ve already been up to the library three times.

I woke up early today; I think being in Glasgow puts my brain into high-intensity mode and motivates me to not hit the snooze button, so there’s one positive from my day!  Due to the heavy rain outside, I gave my morning run a miss, and instead done another 30-minute workout that I noticed Blogilates had posted last night.  Again, there was a heavy focus on abs (what are you doing to me guuurl?) but I stuck it out, even if my still sore muscles did make it feel like I was poking a bruise on my stomach with every crunch.

After doing a few bits and bobs – mainly returns from Christmas that I still hadn’t gotten around to – I headed up to the library.

Somehow, it was even emptier than it was last week, which I must admit I do like.  Even though it was midday, I had no trouble getting that far window seat with a plug socket on the fifth floor.  I’m just a taaaad picky about where I like to sit in the library.

Since my dissertation is going to be focused on social media, I spent quite a bit of time  today reading blogs and counting that as research.  It’s a tough life.  But I actually found out quick a lot of useful information and I’m excited to get fully started on my project.

After feeling like I’ve more or less finished my proposal (yayy!) I left and decided that I could do the final bits tonight, although that’s most likely going to be tomorrow since my motivation is currently at zero.

In the back of my mind, I also think I’m saving the work to give me something to actually do tomorrow.  I’m using up the last of my holidays at work this week, so I’ve been left with quite a bit of spare time, but with most of my friends back at work/uni/college – including Glen – I’m not sure how I will spend my time.

I might try and focus more on on improving this blog and planning ahead.  And of course, now that I am very aware that I don’t know this already, I will have to spend some time figuring out what these is to do in Glasgow city centre when you have rare free time and no one free to spend it with!

I’ll let you know how it all goes.


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