10 January

Thank GOODNESS it wasn’t raining today.   I really don’t think my stress levels could have dealt with missing one more bloody run.

So that’s how this morning went.  I slept in a bit, mainly because I’d forgotten to set an alarm – again, and I was woken by my flatmate moving around the flat just after 9am.

Feeling well-rested, yet illogically sluggish, I put on my Victoria Secret sports bra and channelled my best Candice Swanepoel for motivation and headed out.  I picked a playlist that was surely a good one (how could you go wrong with ‘Just Run’?) and my mood was instantly improved as I felt the fresh 8° air on my face.


Glen called me while I was on my last kilometre or so and I was impressed to discover that with the new apple earphones that accompanied my phone, I could run, aaaaand talk on the phone? At the same time?? Handsfree??!! Mind blown.

 I got back just in time for my The Protein Works order to arrive.  They are the only brand I have ever bought my protein from so I can’t comment on others, but their service is always amazing.  I wasn’t expecting a delivery today; I ordered from the yesterday afternoon and paid only standard delivery, yet, by half 10 this morning, I had all my items.  I was just getting a top-up because using little-to-no powder at all over Christmas, I hadn’t quite realised how long my supply was.


I went for ‘Diet Whey Protein Smoothie’ because I find the aftertaste more pleasant and less metal-y (know that way?) than the standard whey shakes.  I ordered the Wild Strawberry and Mango because that was the only flavour in stock, but I would recommend the Banana one.  It is amazing.

Oh, and I ordered the new Juggernaut to add to my collection of water bottles.  It’s half a gallon (or 2.2l) but oh my goodness is it massive.  I couldn’t even manage a picture where I wasn’t laughing because it is actually bigger than my head (and half my body too).  I’m a massive water drinker though so already I LOVE it!


After panicking last night about how I would spend my day off, I realised that I really needed a day to relax.  I caught up on some TV and started reading a new book, After Me, by Jojo Moyes.  It’s the sequel to Me Before You which I read about a year ago, and at only £3-something in Tesco, I thought it was worth a read.  I’m only a few chapters in but it is really nice to read and I can see myself finishing the whole thing quite quickly.


I spent some more time doing general (essential) tidying and cleaning around the flat that I had abandoned over Christmas, and a little bit more uni work. And now it’s night time, where has the day gone?


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