12 January

Two missed calls.

It’s still dark outside but I pick up my phone to see that it’s after 8am.  As I try to orientate myself enough to figure out what on earth is going on, my phone starts buzzing in my hand again.  My brother is calling me.

And then I remember.

I press ‘ignore’ on the call and quickly type out “2 mins” as I pull on a pair on leggings and my hoody.  I was meant to be driving Nathan to the airport this morning because he has an interview down in England, so when he called me, he was waiting outside my flat.

I got into the car – I just about managing to convince him that I’d been up for ages – and drove off.  I was impressed with how easily I found the way to the airport, and back by myself.  I thought about driving home via Braehead shopping centre, but I really didn’t need anything.

Saying that, I still managed to do a decent amount of shopping today (oops).

When I got in, I was half-tempted to get back into bed, but instead I ventured into town to pick up a few things at Aldi.  On my way home – despite having a backpack that was bursting at the seams because who has 5p to spare for a bag? – I was tempted into Primark by all the new gym gear in the window.

I didn’t go too crazy, but here are today’s most interesting buys:


Interesting buy no1:

  • I used to have a resistance band a few years ago although I never thought much of it. But lately, I have seen them absolutely everywhere so naturally when I saw this set in Primark, I had to get them.  They’re so pretty. And pink.   After my initial oooohhh ahhhh moment, it occurred to me that I have no idea how to use these florescent bits of rubber (good one, Saz).  Once again, it was YouTube to the rescue and I did find a few sets to do, getting in a good arm workout.

Interesting buy no2:

  • As much as I love coconuts, and as much as I LOVE green tea, the idea of putting them together has never crossed my mind.  But this special purchase pack in Aldi had me thinking “why ever not?!”.   I had a cup with breakfast and to be honest, it tasted mostly of unflavoured green tea, but had a strong smell of coconut every time I went to take a sip.  I suppose that’s what they mean by green tea and coconut then??

Oh yeah, and it snowed today.  A lot.

It was on and off, luckily for me it only started on the tail end of my run, so no great action pics.  I just pretended that I was Belle in Beauty and the Beast and it was fine.  I watched the blizzard much more cosily from my living room couch, with a large mug of *lemon* green tea.


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