14 January 

I couldn’t sleep at all last night.

It was half 1 before I even began to drift off; which for a gal who is usually in bed by half 10, it was definitely a struggle. I then woke up at 4am and was awake until after 6am. I wandered around Glen’s flat, sitting in the kitchen, pouring myself glass after glass of water, washing my face to clear my head. Nothing seemed to help.

I had that heart-crushing feeling and exhausted wakefulness that comes with a break-up. But I wasn’t going through a break-up; Glen and I hadn’t even had a fight. So that has basically set the tone for my day today.

Being left with no energy, I’ve not done very much. Glen and I walked to my flat from his around midday and ordered a Dominoes (it is the weekend after all).

How good does this look though?! Some people think fruit on pizza is mental, but give me a Hawaiian any day!

We then watched the next Star Wars film – how have we watched five episodes already?! – and of course I enjoyed it just as much as the previous ones. Yep, it took me almost 22 years to figure it out, but I can confirm that I am one of those people who definitely understand what all the hype is about.

Since Glen went to work, I’ve mostly lounged about and tried to nap and regain some form of energy because I’m meant to be going out with my flat mate tonight. I’m sure this is how weekends off are meant to be spent anyway? Think it’s about time that I peel myself from my bed and start getting ready.

Might just need a few coffees first.


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