16 January.. How to go back to uni the right way

How to go back to uni/college well:

  1. Take it one class at a time
  2. Give yourself time to do the prep work
  3. Don’t stress
  4. Remember:  it’s never as bad as you think!!

And that’s all there is to it!!

Okay, so I’ve had my first day back, and that is my absolute pro reflection from the day. I don’t know why I was so worried about it this morning.  I was seriously like, waking up with the fear worried.  I suppose going back to an actual structure of what you will be doing at the same time every week for the next few months is just a wee bitty daunting.

But it’s always the same routine of ‘first week back’ that you fall into:

  • size up the class (check)
  • size up the lecturer (cheeecck)
  • figure out what on Earth will actually be expected of you (check check check)

And the conclusion usually is – and thankfully was today!! – the class is nice, the lecturer seems good and the work should be manageable.

I was done with class today by 1pm and managed to get a few Monday maintenance errands crossed off the list.  I then had the afternoon to chill before the first session of Muay Thai of the year.


Oooh new gloves!!

I didn’t think I’d miss a sport that I tried for the first time six months ago so much over the holidays, but it really is the best stress release.  I mean, what’s more fun than punching and kicking lumps out of your pal for two hours?! (sorry Katie!)  I mainly just imagined kicking all of those bottles of wine from the weekend out of my system and I was off like a rocket.

Besides today being one for easing myself back into functioning life, I’ve also been thinking lots about a few issues that I would like to write about, and the odd mini-series that I would like to start.  The idea of what this blog will be is becoming clearer each day, so keep an eye out!


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