18 January – what I ate today (low carb)

Low carb day onecompleted.

BREAKFAST:  Two eggs on rye bread

Okay, for cutting out all carbs but fruit and veg, my breakfast wasn’t the best.  It was a plate half full of carbs.  In fact, it was my standard, every day breakfast, minus the avocado.  Note:  the lack of any fruit or veg with this meal was because none of the avos I had in were ripe yet *sobbing*.  It was enough to fill me up though after my morning run,  and when my avocados are ripe, I’m sure I’ll find a way to cut the bread.

LUNCH:  Turkey steak with cooked veg and feta; banana

This was prepared at the same time as my breakfast so that it was nice and ready to be packed into my bag to take to work.  I really am quite the chef.


This will probably be a staple.  I chucked a tomato and red bell pepper in a pan with a few handfuls of spinach and kale and done.  The turkey was cooking nicely in the George Foreman ever so slightly out of picture, to the left.  I then sprinkled on some lovely feta and I was good to go.


The only difference between this and what I would usually make to take out and about was the lack of quinoa.  But low-carb Sazza missed the delightful wee grain out today!

Was this a big mistake?  I suppose starting this on the day of an 8-hour shift wasn’t the best idea, as I felt completely exhausted and physically hungry only an hour or so after my lunch break (?!!).  It honestly took me another hour to figure out that I might be feeling that way due to my wilted veg lunch – and it took me another hour to realise I might be so slow because of the  lack of food.

DINNER:  Stir-fry veg with cod and corn-on-the-cob


I’m surprised I even managed a photo of this before it was hoovered into my mouth. Even the pillows were at risk of getting eaten by the time I got home and was making dinner.  Again, this is almost identical to the dinners that I have most days and I did feel a lot happier and fuller post-food – you’re safe for now, bedding.   I treated myself to some natural yogurt with a scoop of protein powder and an orange for dessert.  Ya gotta be good to yourself!

It’s now an hour and a half later, and I’m tired, becoming cranky and starting to get hungry again (ps articles like this do not help!!!).  Overall, my meals weren’t that different from my norm – which confuses my starved brain – but I think the lack of quinoa, wraps, brown rice and (even more) rye bread really did make a difference to my energy levels.

We’ll see if tomorrow is any better…



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