19 January

Can we just take a minute to appreciate that this cauliflower rice (alllllll of it) comes to less than 100 calories and 10g of carbs!

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

It may not be the prettiest looking thing in the world, but paired with some salmon and soy sauce, it made a quick and easy low-carb dinner (day 2; we got this).  And  it was surprisingly tasty, coming from someone who usually avoids cauliflower at all costs.

Top tip for all you students – you can buy a pack of this for roughly 70p in Aldi and it took literally two minutes in the microwave, so you don’t need to live off pasta anymore.  Thank me later.

I was up early after already being exhausted to do an early shift at work.  But at least it went in quite quickly; I always seem to find that with morning shifts.  I came out to see the lovely post from a brilliant account that I follow, Amz2507 (no idea how to properly tag her!!) nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Awards.  I was so excited by this, thank you so much!!  But since I am still completely useless at using WordPress (after 19 posts…..), I’ll do my post for it tomorrow.  I WILL figure it all out!

I really do still have a lot to learn about maintaining my blog, finding other blogs to read and generally making my page ordered and pretty (all tips very welcome and definitely needed!), but I’m enjoying getting my content out, and these awards show the lovely community spirit in the blogosphere and I’m very much looking forward to figuring it all out and getting properly involved!



3 thoughts on “19 January

  1. I love using cauliflower as a substitute for a lot of things, mashed potatoes being one of them….it really is so good, and good for you. I guess it helps that I’m a total cauliflower fan as is!
    When it comes to blogging, just take your time- there’s no rush, no judgement, no pressure. It took me a little while to get a hang of it as well, and create a look that I liked, etc…but totally just play around, explore, and write as you wish 🙂

    xo, JJ

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