20 January – Cooking from scratch

Hello, and welcome to possibly the worst cooking tutorial you will read all day.  But I want to show you all what I managed to do with my spiralizer!

I’ve been using my spiralizer box as a shelf for my books for nearly a month now.  Why?  Because I am incredibly forgetful.  Nevertheless today was the day; it was time to get that baby into action oh yeahhhh.

FullSizeRender 11.jpg

Spiralizers were one of the top Christmas gifts in 2015, so I’m a little bit late to the trend, but what a great way to save some money on those 3 for 2 pre-sprialized veggies they do in Tesco.

Inside the box, there is only one gadget.

fullsizerender-9Perfect!  One less thing for me to get confused by.   There are 3 different blades that you can choose and I can’t help but wonder which one will slice chocolate the best, hmm…

No, stop it Sarra!! Instead, I opted for the traditional use of cutting veg (BORING).  I’m already a fan of courgetti (courgette as spaghetti), but because I couldn’t actually find any courgettes the last time I was at the shops, I went for making carrot noodles.

It was incredibly simple.  Just pop the carrot between the blade and the wheel, turn the handle and tah-dah, done.  Top tip:  this uses a surprising amount of strength so I’m pretty sure you can count it as your arm day.

I thought it would take a few carrots to make a portion, but I filled that whole bowl with the spirals of one carrot!  I decided to top this with some turkey “bolognese” – or in my case, some tinned tomatoes, basil and onions fried with turkey mince in a pan.

fullsizerender-12Definitely not winning any chef awards.


And there it is!  This meal is a lot more homemade than my usual veg and meat dinners, and I promise it tasted a lot better than it looks!  There are virtually no carbs to it, it took 20 minutes and I made enough of the bolognese to use again tomorrow.

I’m going to a party tonight, so I’m hoping the lack of carbs the last few days doesn’t cause my body to completely reject the idea of alcohol, and make me that person who needs their bed after an hour.  I’m positive that drinking is the enemy of my current diet but still, does anyone have any great tips on how to drink low-carb?!  If I figure it out tonight, I’ll let you know!



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