21 January

Sorry for such a late post, but the whole day feels like it’s been on delay. Waking up a good few hour later than I usually do, I struggled to get to work for a *3*pm start (what?!). My shift was only small today, and tonight I went to support the team ar the Muay Thai interclub. It was held at my uni this time so no excuse not to go!! It’s great to watch – of course it strikes the absolute fear into you when you see people your age getting beat up, but it’s a good night. I just watch everyone and pretend that one day that’s what I’ll be like (wishful thinking).

I graduate in a few months and I’m definitely not ready to fight in anything anytime soon. To be honest, I don’t have the urge to compete in this all. But it’s nice to see people I train with twice a week competing. It’s strange to think that a sport I had never heard of a year ago is now something I actually enjoy. Just waiting for the day I get to see my pals who I train with fight, so I can go, banners and all.



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