22 January – online shopping OBSESSION and a new challenge..

Does anyone else get that feeling of absolute dread before hitting “place order” when online shopping?  Just me??

Usually I can build up my online shopping bag to a good £150++, but when it comes to actually processing the order I find just enough sense to cancel the order before I end up completely skint.

Okay, well tonight’s order wasn’t quite that much, but I’ll still probably kick myself until the clothes arrive.  Then I’m sure I’ll cheer up because, new clothes.  Thanks to a boosted student discount, I found my way onto PrettyLittleThings for the first time ever and was INSTANTLY obsessed.  I mean, the website is just so light and bright and has loads of beautiful fresh shades like baby pink and rose gold, hopefully that means that they will be in style this season and I’ll be able to wear them EVERYWHERE.

I will do a haul when my stuff arrives!

Speaking of fashion though, I’ve noticed myself being quite lazy this year in that department.  I’ve hardly bothered dressing up – and by “dressing up” I mean wearing ANYTHING other than gym clothes and joggers.  I’ve been giving myself the excuse that I’m ‘only popping to the shops’ or ‘only going into uni’.  BUT I am going to make a change – I can hear my friends and the citizens of Glasgow who’ve had to see me rejoicing already.

This week I’m setting myself the Good Outfit, Good Day 7-day challenge!! (yes, I did just make that name up.)


This quote explains it all, though!  I hate getting all dressed up or putting together a killer outfit for me to only be out and about for a couple of hours max. and have no one to even see it.  I mean, then something might need washed and possibly get ruined and not look as new before anyone really even sees an outfit, waaahh.

So, the challenge is:   No matter what I’m doing, I’m going to put maximum effort into what I’m heading out in.  Slaaaaay guurll. 

Being confident in what you’re wearing really can influence how you feel about the day and you’re attitude in general, so my logic is that if I’m always feeling good about my style, I’ll somehow be inclined to make my days more significant??  We’ll see, anyway.

I’ll be documenting if it does shake my usual weekly routine up at all and if it does make me feel any different all week.


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