Dress for Success challenge – DAY 1

Can putting more effort into how you dress really affect your feelings and general productivity in a day???  I want to find out.

Okay, so today didn’t have the most fabulous start, since I snoozed my alarm for a good 40 minutes.  And, just so you all know, it takes time to pick the perfect outfit!  Which is what I started to discover today.  Here’s how I got on….

10am – time for class:  Being in a wee bit of a rush, I recycled a jumper that I’d worn at the weekend – but to be fair – I do consider this to be semi-dressy anyway because it’s slim fit and cropped nature gives it a bit more style.  This was paired with black high-waisted jeans and I was off.  At least it wasn’t leggings, right?

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Jumper and Jeans: both from Topshop; Jamie jeans.

Verdict:  I definitely felt more confident sitting in my classes knowing that I looked semi-presentable.  And doing this challenge made me very aware of everyone else’s uni style, of which there were quite a lot of unique items.  I’ve never notice how many people in my class use their fashion to really say something about themselves, which is an idea that I love (and will probably steal now, sorry guys!).

2pm – workout:  I did a session of Blogilates cardio today, but due to my FREEZING room, I didn’t waste any time taking a photo beforehand.  I wore my Nike pro 3/4 leggings and a blue sports bra that I got from Primark about a year and a half ago.  BUT in keeping with making an effort in my appearance, I watched a few YouTube tutorials and gave myself a slightly more creative workout hairstyle than the usual scraped back greasy mess.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Verdict:  The bra wasn’t the most supportive and overall it’s pretty worn out, but that didn’t effect my workout at all and I still managed to get a good sweat on, wooo.  I also loved knowing that I looked good from behind rockin’ dat fishtail pleat.

6pm – out for dinner:  More recently, I probably would dress up for a dinner out anyway because it would probably be one of the bigger occasions of my uni and work filled weeks. But I made extra sure that I was looking good, and by the third outfit of the day, I was even inspired to spend more time on my hair and make-up.  I stuck with my black jeans from earlier but added a white shirt, using my make-up to give a pop to the monochrome.


Shirt and jeans:  both from Topshop.

Verdict:  Look!! I’m even smiling by this point.  I love the classic white shirt, although I’m never really sure if it just makes me look like an overgrown school student. But today, I didn’t care.  I was able to feel comfy yet fashionable when I went out; I’m calling this a must-have staple for every wardrobe.

Overall verdict:  I would consider the first day of my challenge a definite success!  I liked that I didn’t limit myself to easy or unimaginative (or lazy) clothing options, because I had that secret confidence knowing that I was allowing myself to wear whatever I wanted to, which sounds so odd to say.  I might incorporate more of the creative hair and make-up into the outfits in the next few days, especially for uni.


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