Dress for Success challenge – DAY 2

I really need to stop snoozing my alarm.

I woke up in the middle of the night and was awake for almost two hours, which meaaaans *snooze snooze snoooooze*. Not that I should be making excuses – it is not the ‘dress for success’ way!!  When I did finally persuade my eyes to stay open and I peeled myself from my mattress, I had more or less accepted that I would have to miss my first class.  I can’t get ready in 40 minutes, I thought.

9am – time for class:  I decided to get dressed as soon as I came out the shower today, instead of my usual morning date with my housecoat.  I pulled on black jeans and dived into my wardrobe, looking to grab anything oversized and comfy to compensate for me missing housecoat time.  But, with my challenge in mind, I stopped myself and chose something that is slightly more flattering with a pair of jeans; a cropped red turtle neck.

FullSizeRender 15.jpg

Jumper:  missguided

Jeans:  Topshop, Jamie jeans

Verdict:  I definitely felt more confident than I would have done had I went for something more casual.  I bought this top at least two years ago, and I think the first time I wore it was last month. I don’t know why, I just found it a wee bit too short for me to wear comfortably – but I quite like it now.  And it turned out to be a lot more temperature-appropriate with today bringing unusually warm lecture rooms and quite a mild day outside. Oh, and I managed to make my first class on time. Success. 

3pm – run

Most of the time, I’ll find a reason not to go a run later in the day if I miss it first thing in the morning, but my outfit made me so excited to get out.  I wore a new sports bra – can we all just take a moment of appreciation for this?!

Sports bra – Victoria’s Secret

Leggings – Primark

Verdict:  I’ve been waiting to take this baby out for a run.  It has a zip at the front which is an absolute lifesaver – no more having to wrestle your top off after a sweaty session (to much info??) and with another, more traditional bra build in underneath, it had good support.  It looks great, and it gave me an excuse to channel my inner Victoria’s Secret model and push harder on my run – woo!

4.30pm – tv catch-up

After my run, I spent some time working arms with my resistance bands, and by the time that was done, I felt like I could take a break from making conscious fashion choices.  It’d been almost 8 hours, right?


Jumper – Zara

Leggings – Primark

Verdict:  I finally got my cosy jumper, yay! And I was bloody happy.  With the only person seeing me after this point being my flatmate, I thought I could get away with it.  To be honest, even she’s probably seen me in worse.

Overall verdict:  Knowing that I was doing this challenge really motivated me to get turnt this morning and get to class, so I think it has been pretty successful.  And I realised that maybe I don’t need to get up early to spend time lounging about in the mornings.  I didn’t manage to put on much make-up, but despite being in a rush, I put on enough to feel alright running a few errands in town after uni without having to hang my head down in shame.

Note:  I’ve not been able to find exact links for, well, anything that I’ve been wearing.  This is because most of my clothes are from seasons past and therefore will never be found again outside the confines of Ebay, but there is probably similar things floating about in the shops that I’ve tagged still.


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