PrettyLittleThing HAUL – new season staples

Is there any better message to wake up to than this?


My items arrived only an hour or two after I got this email; Merry Christmas to me (one month later).

The parcel was massive and I did worry because I was sure I’d only bought a couple of things (whoops)??


Opening it up, there was also a lot of black – I feel like there should be some sort of online warning when you’re about to buy some much in the same colour -but I’m happy that I managed to pick up a few essential basics for this season.


The order

Leggings:  It’s too easy to stick to buying one of two kinds of leggings – gym leggings or black.  But in an attempt to will Spring into action, I went for a few lighter options.  Along with grey, I ordered a sort of taupe high-waisted pair that look so fresh!  We’ll just have to wait and see whether or not they make me look like I’ve forgotten to change out of my pyjamas before leaving the house, hmmmm.


Jumper:  Okaaaay, I should definitely be trying to get away from oversized jumpers (they’re like the band t-shirt of ‘casual’), especially those of a black nature if I’m thinking practically about what will take me into next season.  But even here with my grey leggings, they don’t look that wintery, right? (please agree with me!)  And I don’t know about you, but I’m sure this will look great on the beach come July (ha).  Either way, it’s super cosy for now and more fashionable, and less stained, than any similar jumpers I have.

Tops:  I do love a t-shirt.  And they are perfect in any season.  I’ve stocked up with a couple and I think the oversized khaki v-neck will be good for achieving that smart/casual look with jeans (my ‘dress for success’ challenge in mind!).

Shirt dress (star buy!!!!):  I am complete, you don’t understand.  I have wanted a black shirt dress since I was 19-years-old.  Actually, this time two years ago, I spent a good few weeks searching in stores and online trying to find one that wasn’t too short or too thick.  Well, only 104 weeks later, and there ya go!!  It’s a lovely silk-feel material and is long enough that I won’t flash anyone when I’m out and cutting those shapes.  And I’m shimming into the embodiment trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere – two birds, one stone.

Overall verdict:  Very impressed!! It’s very rare that I’ll order even two things online without having to send at least one thing back, but all these items were true to size and picture.  It is also very rare that I pay for delivery.  Free delivery was offered on my purchase, but since I got most of these with a discount code – and only discount code applied per purchase (the one downside for a student like me) – I bit the bullet and paid a whole £3.99.  But I am happy with how quickly it came and how easy the whole thing was.

Dress for Success Day 3 – Another online shop to start buying from, just what I needed.  At least this will help with my challenge the rest of the week!  Today was mostly spent in work, but I made an effort to wear my favourite work clothes and I managed to maintain a positive attitude all day.  There must be connection?!




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