Is ‘less’ really ‘amore’?? Bella Italia review

On Monday night, I was invited to Bella Italia to try their new “Less is Amore” menu.  This is their range of meals that includes courses starting from less than 300 calories per dish (what?!).

The idea that you can go out for dinner, have pizza or pasta and still only be eating a few hundred calories sounds almost too good to be true.  But maybeeee it was.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely get it.  If you ever get caught in that place of ‘I want to socialise but I don’t want to blow my weekly macro limit in one sitting’, then it seems like the perfect plan, but I’m not convinced that I left agreeing that less IS more….

Glen and I got to chose 3-courses each off of this menu, what could be better at perking up a dreary Monday?  It fitted in with my current low-carb diet (eight days in, still going strong!) and I was happy enough to chose almost anything on the menu knowing that I wouldn’t ruin that.

Reminicent of our time in Italy last summer – and getting a bit depressed that it’s not almost 30ºc outside here in Glasgow – we both when for the Caprese Salad.


Look how good these look?  And not a carb in sight.  The mozzarella was fresh and there was a generous helping of olive oil on top, but of course, being a small and leaf-heavy portion, it was hoovered up almost instantly by us both.  I was so ready for my main course!

I chose the veggie pizza, and Glen went for the spicy king prawn spaghetti.  Being the low-cal menu, this was meant to be served with spirazlised veg (I’m here if you need me, chefs!), but being a hungry 21-year-old Glen managed to get this with regular spaghetti instead.

My pizza was a teeny-tiny half-moon shaped slab served with a side salad – as stated on the menu.  The dressing on the salad was beautiful and the pizza was full of flavour; in no way could you tell it was a moderated version – oh, apart from the size.  Glen enjoyed the king of all prawn pastas with his mountain of food and, being someone who doesn’t really like pasta, I think I was a bit too jealous.

It really is my own fault for eating so little that day, but I left wanting SO much amore more.  I tried to savour my solitary scoop of gelato for dessert (I strongly recommend the honeycomb!) then off I went, more or less being dragged away from Tesco on the walk home because the chocolate cravings were real. 


Overall, I was so impressed by the menu.  Anything that makes dining out on a diet that little bit easier is 100% a good thing.  The service was brilliant as it always is in Bella Italia.  The food that I sampled all tasted fantastic, but for an active girl with so many restrictions on what I do and don’t eat anyway, I NEED that quantity.  Small-cut portions are definitely not for me.

Saying all of that, I will be back; I can’t wait to test their veggie ‘spaghetti’ and maybe steal a few tricks when making my own.




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