The BEST low-carb breakfast and the ‘dress for success’ challenge day 5

Reason why this Friday was a Fri-YAY:

  1. I found the perfect low-carb breakfast after a week of trying.
  2. I got dressed up for a day of  basic errands and it was EXCELLENT.
  3. The Airdrop on my mac is working for the first time in about a week so I could send pictures for my blog a lot more easily.

The most important meal of the day..!

Breakfast has always always always been my favourite meal of the day.  It’s the one meal that it’s acceptable to have something sweet for; and ohhh do I have a massive sweet tooth.  Saying that, my staple breakfast for the best part of the last year has been eggs, avocado and rye bread.  But what does that mean when you’re cutting carbs and can no longer have the bread?!

In the last week, I’ve tried baking eggs in avocados (note: I’d like to speak to whoever said cooking avocados was ever acceptable!!), I’ve made omelettes that have turned into sickly scrambled eggs and I’ve had eggs on top of a turkey breast (?!).  But today I finally found the perfect ingredient to marry the egg and avo combo in the absence of any processed carbs.  A TOMATO!

Oh heyyy owl mug

I only had to use half an avocado and it was still so satisfying!

Playing ‘Dress for Success’-up

Still on a high from finding my new staple brekkie, I decided to put on some make-up and actually think about what I was going to wear.  I had to briefly run into work, then I was off to the library; the kind of day that usually screams for no make-up, gym clothes and a hoody.  But instead, I went for something that I was proud to be seen in, and even went about my day with my jacket unzipped to show the full effect of my outfit.  Yep.


Wearing something that I’m more than happy to be seen in really does make the day go better.  There’s more of a sense of purpose in what I’m doing – I even managed to get a few extra things done in town that I would usually have put off!  Go on Saz!

I popped on some lippie after my stint in town and before heading to uni (yes, lipstick in the library is now a thing).

I got a set of four ‘they’re real: push up lipstick‘ from Benefit last month, and it’s super easy for those who are not experts in make-up, like myself, because the liner and lipstick is in one.  So today I went for the flame game one, which is a sort of orangey-red, and becoming my favourite one of the set to go to recently.  I love how it’s different and a wee bit softer than a traditional red, but still has the same sort of striking effect.

So after a fairly boring day turned out be a productive one, I have high hopes for the weekend.



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