How to have the most PRODUCTIVE day ever!

Question: Is there a formula to being productive, or does it just depend on how you feel that day?

Answer: Ehhhh…

I read an article recently that said that some people naturally have more willpower than others.  It also said that sometimes you will simply not be able to channel any willpower, and there’s more or less nothing you can do about it.  I feel better already about missing that workout last week!  The idea of willpower sounds like something so taxing and that takes loads of effort, so instead I’d like to look at some more relaxed ways of getting things done.  Peace and love, y’all.

Ironically this post has taken longer to do than usual.  Partly because I’m tired and partly because the Voice is on and I’m discovering that I’m not the best multi-tasker.  Still, I want to talk about a few things that I’ve been doing lately that I think have made me more productive without the feeling of stress and pressure.

Write a daily ‘to-do list’ – and check it off!  You can make these on your phone, on paper or wherever you want. My Happiness Planner is great for this.  Believe me, marking all those minor tasks as done is amazingly satisfying. Sometimes I start incredibly basic and even put things like ‘eat breakfast’ and ‘get ready’ on my list just so that I have more to check off.  Yep, it’s that fun.  Also because I find that having things that you don’t mind doing, or actually want to do on your list makes completing it a lot less daunting.

Go at your own pace So there is this ridiculous idea that that being productive = getting everthing done as quickly as possible.  It’s a no from me.  I’ve been adopting a much more chilled-out approach.  I mean – even if you enjoy sleep as much as I do (which is a LOT) – there are still at least 14 waking hours each day, and when you think about it, your errands of the day will only take up a small portion of this time.  So just get to them when you can, within reason.

Get some restI’m the biggest advocate for a good nights sleep, even if it means going to bed at 10pm every night.  Kinda like I’ve said about, I’ve not been putting pressure on myself to get everything done before breakfast-time.  I’ve not even been setting particularly early alarms recently. This means I’m feeling energised each morning and can really focus on what needs done with a clear mind, which is making me a lot more practical about the best order to do all of this in.

Reward yourself for getting things done – I.e, find time to breathe.  I’ve been making sure that everything is done with at least a couple of hours at the end of the night to spend doing something that I actually want to.  For me, this has been spending some time catching up on TV, drinking mugs of green tea and writing this blog.  But if you’re feeling more satisfied with your days work, you may even feel encouraged to start using your time at the end of the day to work on something new.  Maybe start yoga, work on your flexibility, read up on a subject you’re interested in etcccccc.

Don’t beat yourself up for not getting things doneFor the sake of your mentality, please don’t do this!! Maybe you were too busy, or maybe you lacked that infamous willpower (I hear that happens sometimes…).  Tomorrow’s a new day, and if it’s urgent, just keep it on your to-do list and you’ll get to it then.

This is me with my ‘calm and focused’ hat on tonight.  I’m proud of being a lot more chilled out recently instead of a headless-chicken-stressball.  And in the words of Walt Disney;



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