How to make a lazy Sunday fashionable

The whole of today could have been spent in my joggers.  Easily.  In fact, today could probably have passed without me even leaving my flat (or bed).

That’s exactly how my day was going, lounging about with little no attempt to move until about 2pm when Glen left and I thought it was time to get a grip of day.   It was the last day of my ‘dress for success’ challenge, after all!  So off I went to get changed.


Jumper: PrettyLittleThings

Jeans: Levi, wedgie fit

This outfit is perfect for a Sunday – the oversized jumper and jeans combo is the ultimate ‘lazy day’ outfit.  And just how does comfy and fashionable come together?  It’s the detail of the jeans – like the cut-off hems (seen below) and tailored fit – that gives the look a more fashionable stature.  Also, what you do with your hair and make-up can do a lot for a combo like this, but today I didn’t do anything in that department.

Since it was a Sunday, and the day of rest (of course), I decided that my exercise would be a wee walk around Glasgow.  I used this as an excuse to wear the Reebok’s that I fell in love with right before Christmas but have yet to found an occasion to wear them.  I’ve been finding them a bit too Spring-y for January (just me?).


But I went ahead anyway; I’ve always been quite the rebel.

Oh my goodness, they were so comfy!!! Especially compared to the clunky boots and the heels that I’ve been living in recently. Come on weather, please pick up so I can go back to wearing trainers all the time!!

I went for a walk down a similar route that I usually run and took some pictures so you can all see the scenes that motivate me to keep running every week.   The lighting was so perfect, I have to post all the pictures separately.




Ahhh Glasgow, you are amazing. It’s good to run near the Clyde because whenever I get tired, I just stare at the water and usually end up in a daydream and BAM I’ve ran all the way home.  There’s a top tip for ya.

‘Dress for Success’ Final Review:  So this is the end of my 7-Day challenge to make an effort with my clothes and general appearance every day.  I just wanted to be mindful when choosing what to wear, if nothing else.  I mean, I love fashion, but only seem to make an effort to express this on ‘big’ occasions, so I wanted to expand this.  I’ve not posted massively about it every day because I didn’t want to bore you all, but I did keep it up!  Even around my flat, I mostly wore actual clothes as opposed to gym gear, and my make-up game was on point.

And it’s worked!!! I can’t think of any other reason why I’ve been feeling more positive about my days and every task that I’ve had to do.  The idea of dressing up even got me out of bed and to a lecture that I was convinced I wasn’t going to.  It has improved my mentality and confidence and I’ll be keeping it up.

I would strongly recommend that you all try it, even for a day or two!! Let me know how you get on and how it makes you feel.


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