I had to tell myself this a few times this morning.  There’s just something about Monday’s that makes doing anything an absolute nightmare.  But, as it always is, class was over and done with before I knew it, and I had the afternoon to relax before going to Muay Thai.

I decided during my lecture at 11am this morning that my afternoon would be productively spent working on improving the aesthetics of my blog. Perfect!

Except, that didn’t happen.  Turns out I’m a wee bit too invested in finding out what’s been happening on Dragon’s Den that this was lost in my mind. Happens to the best of us.

BUT, when I got home tonight, with renewed #Mondaymotivation within me, I decided (again) – it’s finally time!

I’ve spent so much time focusing on making over my fashion, make-up, diet etc and writing about that recently, that I haven’t even bothered to work on the very platform I’m using.  Rookie mistake.

All I really wanted to do was transform my site from screeds of posts on the homepage, to organised lists of posts on the homepage.  And I think I’ve just about managed to achieve that.  It took me quite a lot of time, but I’m putting it down as a work in progress because I am still USELESS at working all the functions.

That is more or less the reason that I’ve put doing my blog up off for 30++ posts.  I thought I was good with technology until I’m sitting, countless YouTube tutorials later, and still struggling to change the font of my blog (don’t worry guys, I’ve figured it out now).

I’ll probably tweak things again in a couple of weeks – or when I figure out more about how it all works – but at the moment I am happy with the layout.  I hope that everything is a bit easier for you to find and navigate around for now!


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