JANUARY in review

The fact that it’s after 5pm and there are still some vague signs of daylight outside makes me extremely happy.

We did it!  We made it through January – which is certainly my least favourite month of the year.  So as we all take a big *sigh* of relief, I’d like to have a think about what this month has been like for me.

What I’ve Achieved and LEARNED This Month

At the start of the month, I wrote down some personal and work goals that admittedly even didn’t think I’d be able to stick to, but here are some that I kept up!

Write Everyday – I can’t believe I managed this.  As a budding journalist, this shouldn’t be a surprise.  As a busy, working student, I’m dumbfounded.  It was definitely difficult in the beginning with having to find time and ideas each day to work on it, but I’ve grown to absolutely love it – it’s great to see my page grow! I have so many ideas for future post that I’ve had to make a note on my phone dedicated to them.


Exercise Everyday – check check check.  This is something that I was already doing last year, but in my post-Christmas chocolate-infused state, I must’ve thought that it was necessary to get it in writing so that I didn’t continue my transformation into actual marshmallow.


These bands have been my fitness ESSENTIAL this month!!


Eat Healthy – Again, this was another one I put down because I knew I could do it/already did it.  I really am good to myself, eh? But I’ve been surprised with what I could still do in my diet.  I decided to go low-carb in a desperate attempt to show something that resembled an ab on my stomach – which is still a work in progress – but it helped my diet in a way I didn’t even think of.  Cutting out things like wraps, quinoa and rye bread forced me to replace these items with LOADS of fruit and veggies so that I wasn’t completely starving.  So all of a sudden I’m easily managing 8+ portions of fruit and veg a day which I hope my body is thanking me for!

Low-carb lunch: Spinach, peppers, cauliflower, carrot, green beans, kale, turkey and feta.

Think Positively – This was my main one a month ago.  For the last 21 years I’d been living with the genuine assumption that I am an innately negative thinker.  It was great!  I could justify getting angry and upset about things because, clearly, I’m just a passionate person.  I had made peace with that version of myself.  But, I have learned, that it is (?!) possible to just caaaalm down.  And it’s been such a stress-free month.  I completely understand now,  who needs that in their life?

Looking Forward

Time to FOCUS – I’m happy with how January went – and even more happy that it’s over and we’re one step closer to SUMMER – but I did struggle at the beginning.  Only now am I starting to sort of feel like I’m getting a routine, and I’m still finding myself with a lot of time that I’m not quite sure how to use productively; and that’s definitely not for lack of work to be doing.

My aim is that as the weeks go on, and deadlines approach (ahh) I can find a bit more focus, in every aspect of my life.  Time to buckle down!




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