Healthy ‘Fast-Food’

Why is it always when you’re SO HUNGRY, that you cannot be bothered making food in the slightest??

That was me two hours ago when I got in from work.  My stomach had been rumbling all day and when I got in, I spent more time wondering what I’d done differently today to make me so hungry than actually starting to make food (fyi: still not sure why).

By the time I motivated myself to do it, I managed to make some food pretty quickly which was good because; A) my stomach was about to start eating itself, and B) I have very little patience for cooking.   So if you’re ever feeling like me, I thought I would let you all know some my usual dinner staples that are as quick as running to McDonald’s but will make your insides a lot happier – and who doesn’t want a happy body?

Step One:  Pick your favourite bit of meat/fish/tofu/pulses and pop them on.  Most of these will take about 10-20mins to cook, so while you’re waiting for that you have time for…

Step Two: Pick one of the below and get cooking!

  • Stirfry:  I am incredibly lazy here and buy the pre-made veg packs, but I swear, they are the handiest things ever.  Half a pack is enough for a meal for me – I usually add a few handfuls of spinach and kale with this to top it up.  If for nothing else, this is worth doing just to watch in utter amazement as mountains of spinach turn into a few thin leaves when it hits the pans as if by magic!!IMG_9637.JPG
  • Cauliflower ‘rice’: I first bought this three weeks ago and it has been in my basket every week since.  At least two tubs pots.  Seriously though, how can eating so few calories/carbs be this filling and tasty?!  I’ve been having one a meal which I’m sure is over the recommended portion size, but if the macros will allow it, why not?IMG_6051.JPG
  • Frozen veg:  These steam bags are where it’s at for me.  It is the easiest way to get two portions of mixed veg, piping hot and ready for your eating pleasure in less than five minutes.  They are also the only way I even go near certain vegetables i.e. when I accidentally pick up the packs with broccoli in them.img_1047
  • Spiralized veggies: Okay, maybe I’m rating these a bit too much lately too, but you just have to read this to see how quick and simple it is!

This way sneaks veg into your dinner in the oddest way ever – by making it 80% of the meal.  But trust me, you won’t even notice (honest!).  I’ve went full-on Aldi and none of these items are expensive to get.

If you’re reading this and thinking this all sounds very very bland, feel free adding spices when cooking, or pop on some sauce/oil at the end.  I normally go for soy sauce on EVERYTHING but I ran out about two weeks ago and have yet to replace it.  A quick sauce I also do can be made by heating some tinned tomatoes with basil, onions and whatever other spices so take your fancy.

So there ya go – healthy food in a flash.



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