What is an essay?

ATTENTION: Quick at-the-library-should-be-doing-work-but-doing-anything-else update!!

It’s that time of the semester again.  The time when I questioning how much time I really need to write an essay, and if a day would do it(???).   I had to drag myself to the library tonight; even as I was walking here I couldn’t quite believe that my legs were making the trek up to the uni, take me home!

I say tonight because, after spending the day recovering from yesterday’s night out, it was near enough half 5 before I managed to leave my flat.

And now I’m writing this instead of working – I picked a question, isn’t that enough for the day?

I think I’ve forgotten how to even do an academic essay.  Those three weeks of no deadlines really were glorious.  And writing this blog hasn’t helped me develop any skills in formal writing either.  I somehow don’t think that inserting pictures and making good use of the italics and bold functions is acceptable…

I’m going to go with the technique of writing down what comes to mind and I can sort it and make it actually sound somewhat decent at a later date; I still have almost two weeks.  To be honest, I probably wouldn’t be looking at starting an essay this early, but I know there’s other work that I really need to be doing in that time (dissertation?!!!), so I should probably give myself one less thing to worry about.  Check me being all sensible.

I feel like I say this all the time but I hope doing this will start to give me some more uni focus this year, I mean I do only have seven more weeks of classes EVER.

Ok, now back to stalking Instagram uni work.


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