The Breakfast for a Good Mood

So this week, this happened…


and then this…

IMG_9353 2.JPG
yes, I ate them both

and then more nights out than I had in the whole of January.  You wait for one occasion and three come along at once…

So it has been a week of socialising with my food plan and general schedule taking the hit, and with more plans this weekend, I won’t be able to get back on track properly until Monday.

I’ve been enjoying myself but have been wondering why all these opportunities to eat the delicious carb-filled junk food and cocktails that I love has left me feeling a bit moody.  I was expecting the exact opposite, I mean, pizza and choccos in the same week?! It’s the stuff of dreams.

Still, in a bid to change my negativity, this morning I started the day with a run (getting those endorphins ON) and Google’d; foods that makes you happy.

Chocolate came up as one of the top suggestions but after managing to ignore that – Google, you bad influence! – I saw bananas and berries too.  Both of these contain chemicals that are meant to stabilise you mood and therefore make you happier, yayy!!

To get these in, I went for a breakfast of banana pancakes with blueberries.

If you’ve ever looked into healthy breakfast recipes, I’m sure you’ll have seen this a hundred times, if you’ve not already tried it yourself.

The recipe

  • One banana
  • Two medium eggs
– Herbal Tea optional –

All you have to do is; mash the banana in a bowl, mix it with the eggs, cook in a frying pan like normal pancakes.  DONE.


Not much for presentation but I was way too desperate to eat this.  I drizzled some Maple Syrup flavoured Zero Syrup from The Protein Works and you would not be able to tell that this wasn’t your average, full-fat pancake.  I think I’m starting to get some ideas for Strove Tuesday…..

Did it improve my mood? Well that’s easy because eating anything sweet does so I’m not sure how fair a judge I am.  But it was surprisingly filling and a very satisfying brekkie.  Try it for yourself and let me know how you get on!


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