Hallmark Hotel Afternoon Tea and Spa REVIEW

Why don’t I spend every Sunday sitting in a jacuzzi?  I’m not living my true life.

We went into the Hallmark Hotel Glasgow at 2pm – the time that was booked for – but I’m not convinced that anyone actually knew we were coming.  After being told by reception to “wait at the bar”, we sat for at least 10 minutes before the bartender came over and asked if we were alright (ehh no we’re starving?!!).  I had to give my name, then write down my name and voucher details, then another member of staff came over and asked to see the voucher – do I look that untrustworthy????

After she spent time reading the FULL email, we appeared to have passed the trust test (hallelujah) and were brought a pot of tea.


And about five minutes later, we were brought out our food, f i n a l l y


Now, by this point, it was coming on about 24 hours since I’d last eaten, so I could’ve been served almost anything and not complained.  But it was decent anyway. The sandwiches were okaaaay, but the chocolate cheesecake was unreal, and I don’t even like cheesecake??

With a nice full tummy, I was feeling a lot more forgiving about how much hassle it was to actually get it.

Then it was off to the leisure centre for some relaxing!  We spent some time in the steam room first, which worked an absolute treat for sweating all of the week’s alcohol right out of me by the way – I recommend it for all.

We went from the steam room ,to the jacuzzi, to the sauna, to the swimming pool, to the sauna, to the jacuzzi and repeat!  I felt like a child at a theme park wanting to go on all the rides again.  The pool was beautiful too – it had built in mood lights that kept changing colours, making taking a dip look extremely appealing to someone whose not a swimmer in anyway at all (me).

There was also a gym that looked really well-equipped, but – unless I fancied doing my best Baywatch impression and running on the treadmills in my bikini – I wasn’t quite prepared to use it.

Overall, it was a good wee day out.  The staff in the bar area didn’t seem to have a clue how to handle a voucher but I’m sure if you booked food there and then, it would be better.  The spa facilities were definitely my favourite, and a nice addition (included with the tea in my voucher from 5pm.com) that made an afternoon out of a quick bite.


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