How to get naturally Big Sexy Lips

Benefit have always hit it waaaaay out of the park with their mascaras.  I cannot flog the They’re Real! Mascara enough.

And over the years, I’ve picked up more and more of their products as staples and before I knew it, everything used in my day-to-day make-up routine apart from my eyeliner is from Benefit.  For someone whose not that into make-up, I can’t believe I’m such a brand snob.

So, discovering that I’m unintentionally a walking advert for Benefit, I thought I would do a more in-depth review of their new They’re real! Double the lip lipsticks.  I’ve mentioned these briefly in a post before; basically the lipsticks are a lipliner and lipstick in one so getting fuller-looking lips is easier than ever for the lazy gals among us.

I have the Big Sexy Lip Kit that includes four colours, but you can now choose from eight different shades.  Oooh, exciting!

FullSizeRender 34.jpg

My kit includes Flame Game, Pink Thrills, Revved-Up Red and Lusty Rose. 


I hadn’t put anything on my lips all day (or reapplied any make-up since the morning, sorry!) so kit literally in hand, I was ready to get started!


Lusty Rose

Just to be awkward, I tested these from the bottom of the kit up.  This is a colour that I have yet to wear – or even test! – so I was excited to see if a more subtle colour could be my thing.


Well it looked like a lighter colour. To be fair, I usually go with a deep red – and even used to venture into some dark plum shades if I was feeling gothic enough that day – so I’ve had darker. It’s a glossy proper pink that I’m sure would be great at complimenting the right outfit, and since pink is majorly coming back into fashion this season who knows….

Oh, time to take the lippy off for the next one..


Revved-Up Rev

Yes!  A red! My favourite, except…


… it’s not dark.  It’s actually really light for a red.  Like the colour of a red marker pen.  I feel like this colour loses a little bit of the class that usually comes with a red lipstick, and instead, it has a bit more of a party feel.  Which could be cool for a more casual look.

Pink Thrills

Thanks to the name of this one, I’ve had Sia in my head for the last hour (I love pink thrills….).  I realised that I hadn’t tested this one before either; must have been avoiding the pinks!


Is it mad that I actually love this one?  I’m not sure what outfit I would ever wear it with, but the 80s party vibes are strong and I’m totally on board.  You can just about make out in the picture that the lipliner built into this one is actually quite a bit darker than the lippy itself, making it look like you’ve put a lot of effort into the look when really it takes 10 seconds to apply. Result

Oh, don’t mind me as I scrub off the lippy again!

Flame Grill

This is the shade that I’ve been wearing a lot recently, and have mentioned in a post before.


As the name suggests, it has massive orange hints through it.  Although, when taking pictures, I could only get it to show suspiciously red looking.  I’ve liked this one recently, because it’s a little bit unusual compared to your typical reds and nudes, but it does the unusual colour pop in a subtle way.  Being the only one I’ve properly wore out, I can also confirm that it is very long-lasting.

Overall Verdict

I have a new favourite, woo!  I hope the world is prepared to see me wearing Pink Thrills every day for the foreseeable future.  The built in lipliner in all of them is really effective at making the lips look that bit fuller.

I can’t lie though.  As flattering as they all were, the colours are pretty similar, which is noticeable even below (swatches in order of kit with Lusty Rose at top and Flame Grill at bottom).  So you probably don’t need to get them all.


Saying that, I do think pairing the right colour with the right outfit – and lighting – would really help bring out different tones in the lipsticks.

But due to the great quality and the idea of two in one that I just LOVE, it is safe to say that I’ll be making a few purchases of the other colours.




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