Getting My Uni Routine Back!

Now if you’re back at uni this year, you’re probably back at the library by now (how are we a week into February already?!!).  But if, like me, you’ve been easing in with the odd hour once or twice a week, here are my tips on how to get all that committed way again.

  1. BE PREPARED: You probably have really good intentions the night before – or in the morning before class – that you’ll be at the library as soon as you can.  ‘I’ll get up and be there for 8am,’ you think, (very ambitious) or ‘I’ll go at 1pm straight after class’.  So pack when you’re feeling like that!  Put your books and chargers in your bag, meal prep your lunch for that day and put in extra food so a rumbling stomach in a silent library won’t be a reason to leave.

    FullSizeRender 37.jpg
    This was packed this morning when I was 5 minutes late and just shoved fruit in for my days meals; I am not a good example
  2. PICK THE RIGHT LOCATION: Yes, we can’t always do this.  Sometimes, it’s so busy in the library that you’re lucky if you’re not sitting on the stairs (yes, it really does happen!).  But if you can, get somewhere that’ll motivate you.  I like the individual booths in my library, but if you prefer the accountability of sitting at a group table, do that instead!  Today, my plan was to avoid the windows.  It was snowing earlier and I definitely DIDN’T need that kind of distraction in my life.

    My booth had no windows – only walls 👍🏼
  3. SET YOURSELF GOALS: You will write exactly 2000 words today.  Or, you will finish referencing before you leave.  Today, I was working on that essay that still isn’t due for over a week, so it was hard to stay motivated.  I think if I really had to, I could have finished it today.  But knowing that I have sooooo much time, my brain physically rejects doing too much of it at once.  So, instead of going the complete opposite way and doing naaathing, my goal was that I would stay until at least half 4.

    I managed until about half 5, woo

This might sound completely ridiculous, but just spending five++ hours in the library today did start to ease me back into how life was last semester.  I’m good with routine, so hopefully I can get fully into the swing of it now and have a few more library days this week.

Another throwback to last semester?  Today, I made myself get up early.


Like, before 8am (just).  My habit of getting up at 7/7.30am last semester has been destroyed by the last two months of late nights.  A lot of the time, I’ve stayed up blogging, but I’m going to try and time-manage my posts better, getting them in whenever I have spare time throughout the day, instead of writing one long drab at night.



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