My Night-time Routine

Is it sad that I’m 21 and have unintentionally managed to developed a pretty modest night-time routine? I do the same thing more or less every night, without even realising it waaaah. 

So, why not let you all get a look into my very glamorous routine.  I’m usually out until about half 7 – with work and muay thai finishing then at least four night of my week – so we’ll start there.

7.30pm:  Dinner and catch-up

And by catch-up, I mean catch up with my shows.


Because who needs bae when you have Sky on demand?!  I use my time eating dinner to download whatever programme I shouldn’t-be-following-but-must-watch-every-week was on the night before.  This mostly consists of reality tv.

9pm: Tea time!

Once I’m satisfied that I’m up-to-date with exactly who‘s been kissing who and who’s fallen out with who on my programmes, a cup of tea is usually in order to calm my nerves after all that excitement.


Aw look!  My very own night owl. And inside it always has to be green tea.  These are actually all of the flavours stocking my food cupboards just now; but most of the time sometimes half of my food cupboards are taken up by boxes and boxes of tea.  The Twinings ‘mango and lychee’ has to be one of my favourite flavours ever!

9.15/30pm: Blog it!

Tea just about cool enough to drink, I’ll usually try and take some last minute pictures if I need any for my post, and head to my room to start writing.


Now I knooooow I said yesterday that I’m going to start doing this earlier, and on days that I’m organise enough, I will (promise!).  But usually it is about half 9 before I get started, and then another hour or so before it’s all finished and posted – which is just as much the fault of how easily distracted I am on my laptop as much as any sort of award-winning blog writing.  And I wonder why I’ve been so tired recently…

10.45pm: Beauty in Progress…

So what is my amazing nightly beauty regimen??

Ehh… It’s usually just taking a make-up wipe to my face.  I do have special night creams and moisturisers that I probably should start using, but let’s be serious gals (and guys), moisturising once a day is challenge enough and I already get that checked off in the morning.  And a few nights a week, when I’m feeling extra crazy, I’ll put on fake tan. EXCITING.

And it’s about this time that the pjs usually go on.


11.30pm: Netflix and.. 

Chill time!


No matter what stress you have to deal with during the day, your bed will always be there for you.  Fact.   And what’s better than falling asleep in your comfy, cosy bed rewatching one of your favourite films (A. nothing.).

So that’s about it!  To be honest, all this talk has just made me tired, so I think it’ll be an early night for me – finally. I can’t believe I actually spend near enough four hours a night doing all this while achieving actually very little work-wise.  But for me, keeping work to the day and relaxing to the night really helps prevent me from feeling overwhelmed.  And that is exactly why I have not – and will not – work a nightshift, guys!




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