SS17 New Trend Alert: All Things PINK!

Pink pink pink.

Pink to make the boys wink.

This trend was starting to seep through in last season’s window displays, but with the new year, it seems that pink is well and truly BACK and there are absolutely no limits.  Finally! You can’t even get away from it in the men’s section of most retailers!

So feeling that we’re far away enough from winter to give my wardrobe a justified ‘re-vamp’ (as if we really need an excuse), I went into town to see what the high streets had to offer.


Judging from what I picked up, I think I knew I was going in to find some pink.  I mean, it issss almost Valentine’s Day.

Top Buys


Jumper:  £17.99 H&M


Top: £8.99 H&M

Bra: £3.00 H&M

These are great looks for a during the day V-Day! Or, they could be paired with something metallic (also coming back in); a skirt or trousers and heels would make an outfit more appropriate for boogying the night away.

I purchased another few bits and bobs, finding lovely stuff in New Look and Primark too – surprising since I usually don’t stray from your Topshop’s and River Island’s. But I’m sure the ones pictured will become some of my key pieces for the next wee while.  And they match my Pink Thrills lippy, yayyy!

So close, yet so far

 Why is it always the clothes that we don’t buy that haunt us most?   I tried on some horrendous items today that should be kept strictly between me and the changing room mirror;  but for the items below I’m hoping that I don’t live to regret leaving them!


Girls do bite back.  And a top to make Regina George proud, maybe I’ll be back for this one…
Hoodie dresses are life!!! So comfy yet cute.  But when on Earth can you where them??!  Find me an occasion that it is actually acceptable to wear outside your bedroom and I’ll be back to get this in a heartbeat!

Just looking at them again, I’m already getting lovesick over the pieces that I didn’t buy waaah.  But until I see them again (probably head back tomorrow), I’m so happy with what I managed to get today, and urge everyone to go out and buy some pink so that we can all be pretty in pink together.


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