New Women’s Health Issue!

Is ‘chocolate and the library’ my new Friday night thing?  Oh dear, I hope not.

It has been for the last couple of weeks though.  I’m feeling a weeee bit more motivated today than I usually do when I’m in uni at night, and I’m almost finished proofing this essay that I’ve been working on for a week (check me out).

It is so empty though – from where I’m sitting I can see a max of two other people on the entire floor that I’m on.. #onlythededicated yeaaah.

One good thing about being in the library when it’s dead is that I can take regular Facebook and internet shopping breaks without feeling that all the hard-workers are judging me for even being here and taking up the limited library space.

I feel like the whole day has been on delay.  I woke up before my alarm (yessss) but then remembered that I missed my weekly shop day this week and had to traipse all the way to Aldi first thing – or do the unthinkable and skip breakfast.

Once I was back, I spent some time reading my new Women’s Health that arrived yesterday.

This is from some article about what to eat to keep ya feeling full

Has anyone else got it yet? This issue is largely focused on ENERGY and what to do when you’re feeling low on energy physically/mentally/emotionally.  And I think that’s how we all feel when it’s the last month of a winter that seems to have been going on for at least two years.

To get some decent fitness into my day, I turned to one of the workout guides inside the mag.  I mean, you can’t get a new issue without trying whatever ‘quick-fix/ultra-fit’ exercise plan they give you at least one time.  Most issues include exercise plans that last for four to ten weeks (with four or five workouts a week).  It’s a great idea, but to do the whole plan just gets in the way of my actual workout routine and who really has time for that anyway?

But I do like to give it a go.  This month is promising us that we’ll all get super-toned (and of course, have loads of energy) by doing a given combo of exercises five times a week for a month.


This is the exercise plan for week one. This is also what I decided would be my one-off try for the month.

You do each of the exercises for the number of reps given, take a 30-sec break, then repeat 3x!

I put on Spotify’s ‘rap workout’ playlist and, feeling super motivated, I got started.  Overall, it was ok, but the moves were quite simple so I didn’t really feel like it had been much of a workout – I deffos need that cardio with the strength training!  Although I did get to use my absolute prized possession – my resistance bands (yayy!) and when the three rounds were finished, I spent some time doing a proper arm workout with them.

But sitting writing this after two bags of chocolate, I’m glad that I managed some form of activity today. It will definitely have to be a run in the morning for me…


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