The exercise plans you don’t need to leave your bedroom for! (Kayla Itsines and Results with Lucy review)

Going straight from being in bed to rep 15 of a round of jump squats in less than 2 minutes?

Yes, please.

Your whole workout can be finished 40 minutes after you woke up, and you don’t even need to leave your room.  Perfect.

It is for me, anyway.  I’ve spoke before about Blogilatesbecause it is the ultimate go-to when it looks too cold/wet outside and I patch my morning run.  It’s also good when I feel like I’ve been on cardio overload and need a bit of toning in my life.  It’s totally free and takes 2 minutes to find a complete workout complied into a handy playlist (thanks, Cassey!) on the YouTube channel.

But what about the stay-at-home programmes you have to pay for?  Here are the ones I’ve tried and tested:

Kayla Itsines BBG (or Sweat with Kayla)

Her guides are getting bigger all the time.  I mean, she’s been on the front cover of Women’s Health UK twice in the last year!


At the end of last year, she released a ’28-Day Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Guide’ – and she has an app, ‘Sweat with Kayla’ – but when I followed these guides, it was old skool.  I received two PDF files; one all about nutrition and the other had plans for three workouts a week for twelve weeks.

Nutrition:  I only skimmed this guide and tried the odd recipe, since I thought I had a fairly decent understand of nutrition already.  Her way of finding what you should be eating seemed a bit complicated and required a lot of calculations.

Workouts: These were legit.  Each workout day consisted of two 7-min rounds that you repeat twice, making the whole workout less than half an hour.  But it was intense.  My fitness definitely improved and I never finished a session without being completely soaked with sweat (TMI? sorry!).  You are also meant to go for brisk walks three other times during the week.

Overall:  It’s great for boosting your fitness, but probably a bit advance if it’s your first venture into fitness altogether.  I stuck with this for about four months maybe (??) before changing my routine, but a lot of followers will repeat the 12-week plan almost indefinitely and there are some impression transformations to be seen on Instagram!

Results with Lucy

Lucky Mecklenburgh is more than just an ex-Towie star, people!! Unless you follow her on social media, you probably don’t know how much she has been dedicating her life to promoting health over the last few years.


I started with the ‘Six-Pack Abs’ plan about a year and a half ago and it completely changed my lifestyle (and life – I lost about 1.5 stone! Maybe I’ll talk about that another time..)

Nutrition: There are meal plans given on most of the plans that include weekly shopping lists, making it SO easy to follow.  I learned loads about what foods I should/shouldn’t eat and what to eat to be healthy, full and generally satisfied – result!!  There is a meal library full of healthy breakfasts/lunches/dinners/snacks/desserts if you ever want to swap out anything from the meal plan.

Workouts: From what I remember, the workouts were good.  Not quite as enjoyable as Blogilates because there is no music in most of the videos, and the trainers aren’t quite as excited as Cassey Ho – but there is good variety and progression of difficultly throughout the duration of the plan.

Overall:  My absolute TOP recommendation if you are completely clueless about health and fitness and want to change your lifestyle.  You learn so much – and even though I don’t follow the plans anymore -I keep all the trainers on Instagram for some useful tips, recipes and motivation even now!

So feel free to have a go and see how you feel!  These are very convenient and can be adapted to fit around any hectic schedule, and I still stand by that they are much cheaper and more time-efficient than any gym.



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