What did I have to eat this morning??


Nothing but 2 eggs.

My avocados weren’t ripe, I was out of tomatoes, out of turkey, out of bananas and of course have no sort of carbs/bread to have them with or even porridge to substitute.

And then I had a two-hour class with an empty stomach and tired brain.

I was going straight to the library and then Muay Thai after class so I had to bring some lunch.  Ehh, do oranges and pears count?  Because that’s all that’s in my cupboard today…

Now, a lot of this is my own fault.  I did a sort of ‘half’ shop last week because I knew I had a few things coming up this week that’ll mess up my eating plan, so I only got what I thought I would actually need. Turns out I had no idea what I actually needed and now I have empty cupboards. I’m blaming going on the wrong day – that clearly threw me way off!

Although I had brought so little food out with me for being quite busy today, I felt almost guilty at the idea of going to the shop to buy more food to get me through the 9-hour haul until I get home again.

But with my stomach on the verge of rumbling by 1pm, I was off to see what Sainsbury’s had to offer before settling into the library.


44.5g of carbs in the wrap, and 22.4g in the Nakd bites. I’ve ate them both now.

And I don’t even feel bad.  If I feel bloated later, or tomorrow, I’ll no doubt think back to today’s lunch like why did I eat that?!!, but it wasn’t exactly unhealthy. It wasn’t a chippy and vanilla milkshake anyway.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day – so I’m more or less expecting to eat my body weight in chocolate.  I’m out for a family birthday meal on Wednesday and then I’m away for a few days at the weekend. This week’s meals will be all over the place.  And I’m sure there will be at least one or two occasions (a day) that won’t be low-carb.  Or even healthy.  But my goal for this week is to not feel guilty about it.  It’s one week, I’m not going to gain a stone.  And even if I do, it will be a stone gained socialising and celebrating so I can’t feel bad about that.

Just as long as I plan food for next week so ‘party week’ doesn’t turn into ‘party month’.


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