Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To a lot of people, this will just be like any other Tuesday.  For 20 years, it was more or less the same for me.

But today is the first Valentine’s I properly spent celebrating with someone.   I’ll put up a proper post tomorrow about my day, but my top pick from all the promotions in the shops?  Krispy Kreme’s Valentines special donuts.


Did anyone else get to try these?  I got these for Glen, and they didn’t quite last until today, or until I managed to get a decent pictures of them.  It was a special selection of honeycomb and salted caramel, white chocolate and raspberry and dark chocolate brownie batter.  They were amazing.  If you ever see any of these about, I recommend the honeycomb and salted caramel one!

Eating these last night meant Valentine’s Day had already got off to a brilliant start.  But the best thing about today was that it actually felt like a holiday.  Whether you were working or off, in a relationship or single, I like how every shop and restaurant seem to come together to put effort into promoting the one day.  I’ve seen a few people saying today that it is all just a money-making scheme, but from a more optimistic point of view (keeping that positive thinking!!!), today really felt like the celebration-pick-me-up we’ve needed since the start of the year (just me??).

I hope everyone has had a great day and have a great night, whatever you get up to!


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