Feeling the love (for food)

So this week is going pretty much how I expected in the food department.

Donuts, quesadillas, chocolate, popcorn, wine, ice-cream, sweet potato fries, pizza, birthday cake..  All within the last 48 hours.

I actually didn’t expect the list to be that long.  I also didn’t expect that I would feel as ok about all of that junk entering my body as I do just now.  I feel happy and content – it’s been a great couple of days, clearly!

Seeing Glen for the first time in weeks surely caused for celebration??  On Monday night, we went for Mexican takeaway, followed by chocolate and donuts while watching Grease.  Tell me a better way to spend a Monday night!

Still in my clothes from Muay Thai – no guilt

Yesterday started off with handing in Glen’s dissertation (which is apparently quite a big deal) and a brand new mug for my collection!



Afterwards, I had a few things to get from the shops, so we decided to go to Braehead shopping centre and the cinema there (enter a full bag of popcorn to myself).


We went and saw the new Fifty Shades of Grey film – kind of as a joke, kind of out of curiosity.  I won’t even get into it, because it was every bit as bad as I expected (and worse).  Although I am glad that I got to see it in the cinema, because it seems like the standard 20-something girl thing to do and I quite enjoyed being that person.

Knowing that this will be a week of dining out, we decided to get one of those ‘dine-in for two’ meal deals for dinner last night.  The mountain of food we went through was insane.  We had fishcakes, sweet potato fries, garlic flatbread, mushroom lasagne sloshed down with some Pinot Grigio and followed by a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.  We didn’t even get on to the large sticky toffee pudding that’s still in my fridge.

I didn’t feel bad, but this morning I did feel that missing my run was maybe not an option.  But it went really well! I hit my fastest average mins/km and started thinking that maybe wine and chocolate is the ultimate athlete’s diet.  Hmm.

After work today, I was off to Viva in Glasgow to celebrate my mum’s birthday.  It was a lovely wee Italian restaurant, and using 5pm, we managed to get 20% of the a la carte menu.  And of course, you can’t have a birthday without cake (and dessert).

When you’re left to buy the cake so you buy a ‘decorate-your-own’ cake
Waffle with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice-cream

Valentine’s Day (week) really is honestly just about celebrating the love of food, let’s be real.

At least tomorrow will be one day of normality before heading off down south for the weekend!



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