Long-Weekend Packing

Long weekends are fantastic. Deciding what to pack for a 3-day trip is not.

When thinking about clothes, I usually think full outfits, which can end up meaning I take two pairs of jeans, a skirt and a dress for this type of mini-break.  Who can really choose a top 3 out of their favourite outfits, anyway?

Tomorrow, I’m going down to London (at 6am; I’m tired already!) and the surrounding areas until Monday.  I think I need this trip but I’m just so disorganised, and trying to pack did not go the best.


The beginning….

Essentials:  I went for two pairs of jeans (told ya) so that I can have a wider variety of tops to bring.

The end

The bulk:  Ok, I know it looks like I’m already taking more than I’m ever going to be able to wear.  This isn’t even all of it – between packing and writing this I may have changed my mind a couple of times and added a few of more tops (and an entire gym kit) to my bag.  I need to be prepared!  I packed a selection of tops and a jumper so that I have a mix of casual and dressy.  I’m not entirely sure what the plan is when I’m down there, so I’d like to be able to dress according – that’s my excuse, anyway.


The essential:  Besides, of course, underwear and my toothbrush, these are my travel/hotel room essentials!  I’ll probably get the new Cosmopolitan on my way tomorrow too, since I’ve almost finished Women’s Health.  And taking my resistance bands to keep my arms worked over the weekend.

Final Verdict

I cannot pack lightly, apparently.  I think if I knew better exactly what I was doing each day, I would be able to pick an outfit for each activity, but this will have to do!

Does anyone have any recommendations of what to do in and around London?  Please, let me know!


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