LONDON, baby 

I’ve been up since 4.40am, and I can’t even complain. We got the train down and arrived in London at about half 10. And that’s us leaving town just now.

How much can you get crammed into 8 and a half hours? A bloody lot.

After grabbing a quick breakfast, we started the walk from the station to the Tower of London.

We stayed here for a bit, basically going full tourist and taking 50+ photos, but why not.

It was then on to a tube and off to see a few more of the sights. We went to Westminster, which has quite a few big sights in one area (my feet were thankful for this), so we got to see the London Eye, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace all within about half an hour, woo.

After walking into Mayfield – and about 14,000 steps into the day by this point – we decided it was definitely time for a refuel. Burger and Lobster, anyone?

Late Afternoon/Evening 

If I could afford to shop in Harrods all the time, I so would. Especially the food. The chocolate/cakes/pastries all looked AMAZING, but unfortunately, at £7 for a small slice of cake, they were a wee bit out of my price range.
Everything was so fresh inside though, including the flowers!!

Afterwards, we headed down to Oxford Street because my day wouldn’t be complete without sometime shopping, would it?

Highlight of the day? Visiting a four (yes, four) story Victoria Secret shop.

So all of this and we managed to get a tube back to get a 6.50pm train. Which I’m trying to write this quickly on just now, so if I’m a little brief, this is why.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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