Saturday Sightseeing 

What do you do when you wake up and you can hardly breathe? I think I’m coming down with some sort of throats infection – typical that this would happen when I’m away for the weekend. My solution?

Drag Glen to the park near our hotel for a morning HIIT session. There was a lot of sweating, spitting and even blowing my nose on a leaf.. but I promise I felt so much better for it!! Must be the fresh air of Slough???

After getting ready, I did pop to the chemist at Boots – just in case my remedy of cardio wasn’t really what I need to fight off an infection. 

Today it was WINDSOR. 

I’ve been here before when I was younger and the ONLY thing I had interest in was of course visiting LegoLand, but today we walked up to the castle. 

The weather is so much better down south compared to Glasgow. 13°?? This is basically tropical to a Scot. 

After another day full of walking (10km so far today), we went to Wagamama’s and this prawn and chicken stiryfry was exactly what I needed. 

I’ve had worse Saturdays…


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