I’m accepting defeat..

I’ve had to accept defeat. I am ill. And apparently no amount of cardio, sightseeing and telling myself that ‘I’m fine‘ is enough to will away an illness. It started as a sore throat, then a cough and now a blocked nose has been added to that 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.

Today, we we’re driving down to North Wales to stay with Glen’s family for the night before another 5.40am train (who idea was this, seriously), so it’s been a day of trying to recover with packets upon packets of tissues and as much medicine as I can safely take together.

I’m blaming this on a week of eating rubbish – I was so cocky earlier in the week but I really don’t think my body can handle it! It’ll be a trip to Aldi tomorrow when I’m back in Glasgow to stock up on my fruit and veg and hopefully some decent nutrition will fix everything.

And lots of sleep, asap.


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