How to get CHEAP matcha tea!

It’s pitch black and I’ve already been on the train for over an hour.  I check my phone; 6.40am.  I’m two and a half hours from Glasgow, and by the time I get in, I’ll have been awake for almost five hours.

I was meant to have class at 11, but with no signs of my horrible cold leaving just yet – and my unwillingness to infect the whole fourth year English course – I gave it a miss.

I did, however, manage to make it to Aldi before collapsing onto my bed for the remainder of the day.  It was good to see so much health re-enter my life as I stocked up on all my fruit and veggies, although I did manage to spend a good tenner more than usual and I have no idea how (is this Brexit?!!).

I decided to get some of Aldi’s own brand coconut water.


This was the main purchase in my attempt to make myself feel better.  I’ve had coconut water before, and I am definitely not the biggest fan, but I’m sure I’ve heard that it’s meant to be really hydrating and full of nutrients and have detoxification qualities, so why not give it a go, eh.   Pinching my nose, I did manage to have a few glasses, even if it does look (and taste) like you’ve poured water into a dirty glass.

Also today, I found matcha green tea!


Top tip:  It’s £5 for 15 sachets in Aldi just now.  This might sound like quite a lot for t e a but matcha powder is usually so expensive.  Just this weekend, I found it in a lovely tea shop in Windsor going at £20-24 for 30g, depending on flavour.  And I don’t even want to think about how much Holland and Barrett will sell it for.  I made a cup tonight.


The packet says that it’s meant to go a bright green colour when ready, but it’s looking almost purple here.  Although thinking back to my primary school lessons of colours, I’m pretty sure the red of my cup mixing with green would make something purple (why am I not a scientist?).  I’ll need to make it in my clear mug next time and see!

And it was so yummy!  It definitely tastes like the kind of matcha I’ve had before.  I’m taken back to Thailand last summer when matcha was EVERYWHERE.  I.e, matcha iced frappes and mcflurries in McDonald’s, matcha iced-tea, matcha flavoured kit-kats and my favourite – the matcha-stuffed Oreos, of which I brought home three packets that lasted me approx. one day (they were that good).

Healthy drinks aside, today has mainly been trying to make myself feel better with binge-watching catch-up TV (anyone watching Celebs Go Dating?!) and dipping into a box of chocolates (comfort food at its best)…


… but I actually am feeling better tonight, and hoping for a PRODUCTIVE day for tomorrow!


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