New Instagram

I woke up with a swollen lip.

Never in my life have my lips swollen.  I have no allergies, I’ve never been bitten – I did burst my lip open once, but I was about four-years-old and can’t remember that.  But there I was this morning, with the right side of my bottom lip twice this size of the left, and with no idea why.

I quickly Google’d what to do, and within 5 minutes of waking, I was rubbing coconut oil onto my face and cursing the sheer amount of back luck I’ve been having the last few days.

This – along with some tactful make-up tricks – did make the swelling a wee bit better, and I looked just about acceptable enough to head into uni.

It was my first day at uni in over a week, so already I was feeling quite proud of myself.  And then I hung around an extra four hours after class to go to the library.  Top student over here.  I managed to get quite a few things started that I’ve been meaning to do for ages (and starting is the hardest part, right?).  And somewhere amongst all this motivation, , I decided that it was finally time to make a new Instagram account for this blog.

Here it is! @sarrachristine_


I’ve been wanting to do this for a while because:

a) I want an account that is more focused and slightly more professional than my other Instagram


b) I want somewhere that I can post every time I update my blog, without everyone I’ve ever met having their feeds clogged up with blog posts that I’m sure they don’t care about.

I’m not sure how big a deal Instagram is to everyone, but for me, it is my favourite app.  I would post 10 times a day if it wasn’t annoying, and I am constantly stalking everyone and everything on it.  So two accounts shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re on Instagram too, give me a follow, and remember to link me your accounts too!


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