How do you apply for your perfect job when you don’t even know what your dream job is?

WARNING:  contains incoherent ranting

I have a few main ideas of course, one of the main reasons I applied to study Journalism at uni was to one day end up working at the likes of Cosmopolitan.  I went through a spell where I really wanted to work in TV/production as well.  But, while I apply for the few and far between jobs that these companies post that I am actually qualified for, where should I be looking for alternative first jobs/more experience?

Half of me would be happy with any sort full-time job after university – I mean, it is all experience!  But the other half of me is terrified of ending up in a job that isn’t that related to the media/my future career, and also restricts me from being able to fully pursue any sort of work experience or creativity outside the job.

Confused?  That’s exactly how I feel!

So then I just end up searching things like this.


Journalism jobs UK.  Sometimes I mix it up and search media jobs UK.  As you can see, I’ve scrolled most of the top sites a few times…

In general, I bookmark a lot more jobs than I apply for, but that’s mainly me being picky or lazy. Now, I’m starting to get a bit more desperate.

Coming to the end of a four-year course, I’m guessing (hoping) that it’s not just me who feels like this, but I’m so motivated to begin working on my career that I just want to have it sorted.

Any recommendations for good job websites?  Or any tips on applications or maybe not feeling incredibly stressed whenever I think of my life from June??


2 thoughts on “Job-hunting

  1. This is me looking for internships! I know your stress
    I always look on LinkedIn Jobs or
    They always give me the best jobs related to what I want to do!
    Good luck job hunting x

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