Fight Night!

Muay Thai Interclub #2 of the semester.  Glasgow Uni.

I finished work half an hour after the fights actually started, so it was a bit of a rush.

Get here as soon as you can!!’  Glen had text me.  It was his interclub debut and I was on camera/moral support duty.  Even on the subway, getting from Glasgow City Centre to the West End is not as easy (or quick) as you’d think.  Especially when the ticket machine won’t take your change and you end up using a £20 note to pay 15p…

But I managed to get there for about half 7; an hour after doors opened.

Wee screenshot from an Instastory

Now, usually I am not the best photographer.  But after quickly taking a video for my Instagram story, I switched to video record the remainder of the fight.

Yeah, putting me in charge probably wasn’t the best idea.

Half way through the fight, my fingers must’ve slipped and I ended up accidentally pausing the video and missing near enough a full round (and most of Glen’s best shots, oops).  But camera disaster over, I went back to enjoying the fights without filming them.

As usual, it was a really good night.  It’s always fun to see people I know and train with go out and absolutely smash it.


At these events – and after a few vodka lemonades – I always convince myself that I can do that, and should be entering these inter clubs, until it’s the next day and I’m sober and leaving Muay Thai training early because we’re getting asked to freestyle spar (i.e. what happened tonight).  I think, just now, going and supporting is enough for me.


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