How to STOP being unhappy

Friday is basically my Sunday night.

Working weekends means that there’s very little time for uni work, and then SUDDENLY it’s Monday morning again and I have class.  Stressed already.

I need to have all the prep work for my classes finished by Friday or risk some very late-night reading sessions after work, which let’s face it, I am never going to be in the mood for.

Today, I actually managed to get up early, go for a run, get ready, go to the bank and be at uni before 11am.  I can’t say I’m not impressed with myself.  It could have been earlier too if I hadn’t spent 45mins this morning catching up on Celeb’s Go Dating (these daily reality shows KILL ME). I also had time to try my matcha tea in a clear glass, and FYI, it is bright green.  It might look like something Shrek spat out, but at least the description was accurate.


By the time I got the library, already feeling all proud of myself, my mood picked up even more when it was so quiet that I had my pick of all my favourite spots (sad, I know).   I spent the day chipping away at all the bits and bobs that I needed to get done until I decided that I was too hungry and it was time to leave for dinner.

So why isn’t every day off this productive?  This last week in particular has been the worst for putting off what I should be doing.

I think it’s something to do with actually getting to the library.  If I sleep in, or have errands to run before going – or even class before I go – I know it’ll be more difficult to get a seat with a charger for my laptop and the time of going gets pushed back.  ‘I’ll go after lunch’ turns into ‘I’ll go after dinner’ and that turns into going for an hour at 8pm or not going at all.  Also the fact that it takes me 20-30mins to get there, and sometimes that trek is just not ok.

After finding reasons to do absolutely NO work Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday, I’m happy that I got in today and got some work done.  And after seeing how manageable it is, the plan is to go in tomorrow before a 2.30pm start at work.  Eh, wish me luck with that one…

I’ve been trying to spend my time doing activities that make me happy, but I should probably have been thinking about what makes me unhappy, too.  And it turns out that avoiding work leaves me constantly feeling a little bit stressed and under pressure so I’m going to try and use that as my motivation.

If you’re feeling stuck, try it for yourself. Figure out what makes you unhappy and see if there is a way to get rid of that!


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