FEBRUARY in review

It’s almost the end of the month and – more importantly – THE END OF WINTER!!!

So just how did I get on this month in terms of my goals?

My Top Three Goals 2017

Be more focused:  This was my main goal this month, and was specifically regarding uni work.  Ehh..  I can’t say that I did very well with this one.  Recent library visits  have been sporadic and ill-defined.

But on the plus side, I submitted the one assignment that I had due this month with plenty of time to spare, and I’m making good progress with the one that is due on Friday.

This past week has been better. I’ve spent full days at the library and used every minute there as effectively as I could, but I KNOW that I could still be going more.

Revised goal for March:  I plan to use all my spare time effectively to get uni work done, and prioritise dissertation work over doing, well, basically a n y t h i n g else.

Be healthy:  I was doing SO well with my low-carb diet.  The results were amazing and I loved the foods that I was eating.  But then the events came.  There have been a lot of boozy days and nights in February, let me tell you.  And lots of eating out.  It’s been great.  

I’ve enjoyed making more time for socialising, and not letting diet and exercise always get in the way of that, but I also need to know when to say ‘no’.  I’m already practicing this by turning down a night out tomorrow, half to save those calories, and half to save dat dollaaaa.

Revised goal for March:  Starting back on Wednesday, I’m going to stop giving myself as many cheat treats.  I’ve eaten or drank something that any nutritionist would be appalled at at least two or three times a week for the last couple of weeks, so I’m going to monitor this.  I just need my own personal chef, to be honest.

Be more positive:  I did well with this in January, I must admit.  Now, feeling calm and not stressing out about small things feels like second nature. That’s really saying something – I’m a Taurus so being worked up is literally in the stars for me.  But this year, I’m feeling more relaxed in my relationships with everyone, and most of the time, I’ve been keeping a level head.

Although there has been a lot of inner stress.  I’ve been worrying about jobs, more so than I’d like, or let on.  I happily ignore the part of my brain that’s constantly asking ‘WHAT WILL YOU DO IN FOUR MONTHS WHEN YOU GRADUATE??’ 90% of the time, until I have a drink and all my anguish comes out to whoever I’m with in a wind of incoherent ramblings.

Revised goal for March:  I’m going to keep being content with myself and doing my best to only show kindness to others (peace and love, yo).  And about jobs?  I’ll keep applying for the jobs I want, but also do my best to work on my CV so I can’t be hard on myself for doing nothing.

So these are what I consider the most important things for me to continue practicing this month.  I’ve come so much further than I thought I could in terms of positivity this year, so I just need to try and keep this up!  And the rest with follow (hopefully) (positive thinking already) (I’m a natural).




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