Cake day!

Did anyone put their culinary skills to the test yesterday and make pancakes for Shrove Tuesday?!

Traditionally, it was the day that all excess food was used up to prepare for Ash Wednesday and the run up to Easter.  Now?  It’s most people’s excuse to eat pancakes and chocolate spread for dinner midweek.

I was feeling a bit more traditional in a way when making my pancakes, I get it, it’s like one last last blow-out before jumping back onto the health wagon for the start of March.  So off I went to buy chocolate spread (for the first time in at least two years) and kitted with more equally delicious toppings, I headed of to Glen’s for the pancake making to begin.

When I first got to his, I was greeted with these treats made by Glen (apparently) (I’m not convinced) (more like store bought and put in the oven).


Did Glen know I was having a mad cheat day?!!  Or was he just confused about what sweet cake gets eaten on Shrove Tuesday?  I’m still not sure.  But I ate the cinnamon rolls anyway, who am I to judge when free pastries are placed before me??!

One section of the bakery ticked off, we were off to make the pancakes.  We made crepe-style ones that looked somewhere between a wheat wrap and a popadom, but I swear they tasted better than they look!


So much foooooood!

My body was not happy with my indulgence and I did spent the latter half of the evening squeezing my stomach and trying not to be sick – but it was worth it!

And just like that, I woke up never wanting to see another dessert in my life (for 2 days).


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