Things to do instead of watching TV

This is something that has become all to real for me lately.

Since that bout of stormy weather hit the UK about two weeks ago, my satellite has been down which means no Sky for me – or even more devastating, no reality TV.

But if you’re ever at the stage where you want a break from TV, or just want to think about what else you can do on that midweek evening, here’s what I’ve discovered in the last couple of weeks.


Yes, not only can you get around to that novel you’ve been meaning to finish since last October, but you can also do a lot of reading online.  I’ve been expanding my mind by reading news sites and features and generally ending up so deep on National Geographic that I now know what 5 animals mate themselves to death.  Walking encyclopaedia over here.


Day 6 of the stretch revolution completed.  And my hamstrings are feeling looser already! It’s nice dedicating time each evening to a bit of light stretching, and I’d like to start incorporating a little bit of meditation in as well to try and calm my mind.  The dissertation stress is too real.

DVD Boxsets

Not the most productive use of time, but in the absence of live TV, I brought out the only DVDs I have in my flat at the moment – my Sex and the City boxset.  There’s something pleasant about re-discovering an old favourite.  And the episodes are much shorter than most of the shows I watch on TV, so it’s not as easy to get sucked into reality TV binge sessions.

Do Work (??)

You know, if you feel like it, no obligation. I usually like to keep my work to the day time, but I have done the odd readings or bit of an essay at night now since the TV has been down.  So my top tip for getting on with work at night would be to turn the TV off and preferably move to another room.

Explore Catch-Up TV Online

It took me a good week and a half to realise that I could catch up on some of my shows online.  But, while waiting for Dragon’s Den to buffer, I discovered a whole load of interesting shows.  The good thing about most online catch-up is that things stay on there a lot longer than they do on Sky.  Somethings are only that you could never get on TV – looking at you, BBC3 documentaries!

I do like TV as a way to relax, but I’ve enjoyed finding new ways to entertain myself.  I know it’s not for everyone, but if you find yourself in the same TV routine four nights a week, then try some of my tips!


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